Meet our Doctors

Dr. Omkar Joshi

(B.H.M.S, 20 + years of experience)

Dr. Omkar Joshi (B.H.M.S) is a practicing homeopathic physician in Ahmedabad, India and has over 20 years of experience in the field of alternative medicine. He embarked on this journey of deeply understanding alternative medicine in 1994. His ever growing quest for learning every aspect of homeopathy led him to turn his passion into the profession. He took this challenge to make people believe in the power of natural and therapeutic medicine. Where everyone wanted immediate results, Dr. Omkar Joshi went on understanding the psyche and condition of the patients and brought some miraculous results. 

Having a tight hold on the principles of homeopathy, he had put his learning into practice and helped thousands of patients get through the sufferings of psoriasis, lichen planus, eczema, alopecia, warts, corn, hair loss, and much more. He combines his diagnosis of a particular case with the perception of patients and attains complete cure for the patients in majority of the cases.

In the pursuit of attaining ultimate excellence, he keeps up with the latest research, trends, and enhancements in the healthcare sector in general. He has been actively researching owing to his ever-growing attitude and today he has come up with his own products like hair oil and certain medicines for treating various ailments.

Dr. Omkar Joshi has experience, expertise, and excellence to cure the patients safely and completely. Apart from his practice in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, he helps patients around the globe by providing online consultation. He has a proven record of treating numerous complex cases and aiding extraordinary results.

Dr.Omkar N. Joshi

Key Highlights

  • 20 plus years of Experience
  • Former Secretary and a member of GHA
  • Practices at home clinic ‘Sanjivani’
  • Proven record of treating complex cases across the globe
  • Holistic approach and strength to understand the psyche of patients
  • Extended dedicated service to the society by arranging camps in rural areas
  • Contributes in the homeopathic sector in general by leveraging his knowledge to develop new medicines for cure

Dr. Khyati Joshi

(B.H.M.S, 15 + years of Experience)

Dr. Khyati Joshi is a practicing homeopathic physician in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. She has completed her Bachelors in homeopathy from North Gujarat University and completed BHMS from AHMC in 2003. As her father is a renowned physician in Ahmedabad, she always had this zest of diving into the field of medicine and investing her energy in curing patients.

Having had a vast experience in the field of gynaecology, Dr. Khyati Joshi has now got her synergy multiplied as she started practicing at their home homeopathic clinic Sanjivani. Leveraging her experience, she is helping patients restore their health through homeopathy.

Dr. Khyati Joshi has expertise in treating conditions like asthma, rheumatic diseases, migraine, menstrual irregularities, PCOD, dysmenorrhea. She also works wonderfully in helping patients with stress induced problems like anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Leveraging the vast field of alternative medicine, she provides impeccable treatment to her patients.

“My goal is to support patients on their individual path back to health. You will experience a physician who truly listen you and your concerns. Adhering to the principle of Homeopathic medicine, my aim is to identify and treat the root cause of disease – correcting imbalance within the client’s body and restoring their health completely.” – says Dr. Khyati Joshi.

Dr.khyati O. joshi
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