Hair Loss

Homeopathic Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss can affect your entire body or just your scalp depending on the cause of it. It could be the consequence of heredity, certain medical condition, hormonal changes etc. Hair loss could occur suddenly or gradually and could affect a person different ways.

hair loss

Hair Loss Symptoms

Typically, people lose about 50-100 hairs per day which is usually considered normal. Hair loss in this amount does not cause thinning of scalp as at the same time new hair is growing. Hair loss occurs when you notice hair falling out in higher numbers and patches. When the cycle of hair growth and hair shedding disrupt or when the hair follicles are damaged and replaced by the scar tissue, there arise a need to immediately address the situation.

Hair Loss Causes

The most common causes known for the hair loss are family history or heredity, medical condition, rough lifestyle, hormonal changes, specific supplements or medication, radiation therapy, or any stressful event.

Hair Loss Treatment

Leveraging the advantages of homeopathy, we can eliminate the core cause/reason of hair loss and can stimulate the growth of healthy hair follicles. Also, in cases of premature hair growing, we work effectively with a limited scope making an efficient and long-term plan to lend satisfactory results. Along with homeopathic medicines that cure the disease from the core, we also use some external mother tinctures in certain cases along with shampoos and hair oils.

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Hair Loss

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