How homeopathy works?

Homeopathy recognizes all the symptoms sickness as expression of disharmony within the person. It works on the basic belief that “like cures like”. In simple words, the substance that brings the symptoms in a healthy person can – in a very small and diluted amount – treat an ailment that causes similar symptoms. IT is intended to trigger the natural defenses of the body.

For Example: Red onion causes teary eyes. That is why it is used in the homeopathic remedies for treating allergies.

Similarly, some other ingredients used in treating different ailments are white arsenic, crushed whole bees, arnica herb, poison ivy etc.

Homeopaths weaken or dilute the ingredients by adding water or any other dilution substance. Later on, the mixture is undergone through the process called potentization in which they shake the whole mixture. Then, this mixture is compiled in variety of forms like drops, creams, tablets, sugar pellets, and gels. Homeopaths believe that lower the dose, more powerful the impact of the medicine. Due to this reason, many of the remedies do not contain any molecules of the actual substance.

How homeopathy works
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