Expectations from Patients

Homeopathic Practitioner’s Perception and Expectations from Patients

Homeopathy is a long-term and a cyclical process. Unlike modern medicine, homeopathy does not inhibit quick results as it aim at healing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual symptoms of a patient.
Homeopaths require conducting an extensive consultation, exploring each aspect of the symptoms and the medical history of the patient to cure them completely by attacking the core cause of the occurrence of the disease. And of course, it a process.

To optimize the outcome of the healing, homeopaths expect following things from their patients:

  • Bring your old medical records
  • Homeopaths treat holistically. Not only physical symptoms, communicate every symptom that you observe emotionally and mentally as well.
  • The extensive consultation is to evaluate your case without any flaws. Do not misuse the time by putting further your opinions of your old doctor.
  • Be open and frank when the practitioner asks you broad questions in order to elicit life experience and subjective symptoms.
  • A remedy is prescribed based the patient’s individual set of symptoms. Do not compare it with the remedy prescribed to other patients.
  • Homeopathy heals from the core and so satisfactory results come through a process. We expect your patience during the whole treatment phase.
Expectations from Patients
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